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Lieutenant Evir Vokal

Name Evir Vokal

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Other (Cardassian/Bajoran Hybrid)
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 2 M
Weight 84 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Average weight, height, and build for a male humanoid. Having a mixed Cardassian and Bajoran heritage, Evir has traces of both species. He has medium grey skin, scales, and a horizontally ridges nose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ral Vokel
Mother Mora Vokel
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evir's most defining characteristic is his lack of identity. Evir's parents were each half-Cardassian/half-Bajoran who grew up in the orphanages on Bajor. They were outcasts, always shunned by the Bajorans, and hated by the Cardassians. This sense of un-wantedness early in his life played a large role in who he became as an adult.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Cardassian Photographic Memory
+Natural Curiosity/Investigation skills
+Loyal-to-the-death for one he considers a friend.

-Can display Cardassian arrogance
-Bajoran temper.
Ambitions Evir has a love of Stellar Cartography, and wants to be able to discover new things and be the first to name them.
Hobbies & Interests -Stellar Cartography
-Trying food from different cultures
-Risan Polo

Personal History Evir's was born in 2355 on Bajor, during the Cardassian Occupation. His parents were each half-Cardassian/half-Bajoran orphans, abandoned to be raised in the orphanages. From a biological standpoint, he is also a half-and-half Cardassian/Bajoran. Being disliked by the native Bajorans, and ignored by the Cardassians had a profound impact on Evir as a young child. It lead him to having no sense of belonging to either of the species and cultures he was a member of.

When Evir was young, the Cardassian Occupation ended and the Federation stepped in and took over administration of Deep Space 9. Evir's parents saw this as a opportunity to give their son a new life and applied for immigration to the Federation. This request was granted and the family moved to Earth. On Earth, Evir was enrolled in Federation schools and did extremely well, his natural mental control inherited from his Cardassian ancestors served him well and he excelled in math and sciences.

In his teens, Evir's temper lead him to get into many fights and altercations with the human children, due to the past conflicts between the Federation and Cardassion Union. The Headmaster at his school, a retired Vulcan Vice Admiral began teaching Evir how to suppress and control his more powerful, negative emotions. The bond between them grew. Evir sought emulate his mentor and expressed an interest in Starfleet. The Vulcan Admiral used his position to sponsor Evir. This was a long and hard fought process, due to the Federation being involved in the Dominion War. The Admiral argued, quite logically that Evir was not a Cardassian citizen, and was a Federation Citizen and had the right to join Starfleet.

His first few years in the Academy, Evir struggled to adjust and fit in. He had been a loner for so long, it was hard for him to accept the commands and reliance on his peers. In came down to his almost being expelled before the Commandant had his old mentor come and counsel him. He was able to get through to Evir, and save his future career. Evir graduated as Salutatorian of his class.

Evir's first posting was to the USS Zhukov on the unexplored frontier of the Berta Quadrant. Starfleet Command wanted its first Cardassian, even part Cardassian, would be best utilized far away from the Bajor system and the front lines of the war. This was an excellent posting for someone interested in Stella Cartography as the Zhukov was involved in system surveys for the next 18 months. After the mission was complete, Evir was promoted to Lt (jg).

Evir's next assignment was to the USS Tian An Men as Assistant Chief Science Officer. The Tian An Men, a veteran of the Dominion War had suffered damage to the ship and personnel. Evir was assigned as replacement. Evir was apprehensive about how he would be received onboard. To his surprise, he integrated into the easily, and made many long lasting friendships.

In 2379, Evir was assigned to Deep Space 9 classifying Stellar Cartography data brought back to the station from the Gamma Quadrant. This was the first time Evir had returned to Bajor since his very early childhood. The Bajor he knew under Cardassian occupation was gone, and a new Bajor had taken its place. Over the next two years Evir had begun to reconnect with his Bajoran heritage. The Bajor of his adulthood was much more understanding of him and his kind than during his childhood. During his time on DS9 he was contacted by his Maternal Grandfather, a Legate Dimur. The Legate had recently discovered Evir's existence after the War. He contacted Dimur and wanted to establish a relationship with his grandson. Evir was hesitant at first, he had never had any personal relationships with any Cardassians, much less a member of his Cardassian family. Evir took the chance and began spending his leave time on Cardassia Prime with his extended family. His Grandfather was aging, but did his best to integrate Evir with his extended family. This was met with mixed results, but was overall a positive experience and gave Evir a better understanding of his past.

In 2381, Starfleet Command determined that a person of Evir's heritage would be useful in its diplomatic mission to Cardassia. Starfleet Command could not have been more wrong. Evir's time on Cardassia Prime was the worst six months of his career. He was not a diplomat, and there were many on Cardassia that objected to his mere presence there. Evir attempted to be reassigned, but Starfleet was adamant he be part of the mission. Evir had a lot of free time on Cardassia, as his presence was not acceptable to most of the Cardassian groups the mission was working with. Due to large areas of destruction on the planet in the final days of the war, many lost or never discovered ruins had been exposed. Evir took the opportunity to study them and gained a new interest in archaeology. After six months, it was clear to the Federation Consul, that having Evir there was not getting the results they had hoped for and had him reassigned.

The USS Ganymede was finishing its final preparations for a new deep space mission into the far reaches of the Alpha Quadrant. Evir was selected due to his extensive background in Stellar Cartography.
Service Record 2375-USS Zhukov-Science Officer
2376-USS Tian An Men-Science Officer
2379-Deep Space 9-Science Officer
2381-Atache to the Federation Diplomatic Mission to Cardassia
2382-USS Ganymede-Chief Science Officer