Specifications - USS Ganymede


Designed by Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, the Luna class was intended to exploit the Bajoran Wormhole and carry out exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant. The Luna project was suspended for the duration of the Dominion war, but once the war was concluded and the Federation began to return to a peacetime basis, production of the ships was resumed.

The Luna class ships were not heavily optimized for combat, but rather for long duration missions of peaceful exploration. The class were named for moons, with the first ships all named for moons in the Sol system.

After the Borg invasion of 2381, President Bacco vowed that more Luna class ships would be built as a symbol of the Federation's commitment to exploration even in face of that disastrous conflict.

(Source: www.ditl.org)


Class Luna
Role Light Explorer
Duration 80
Time Between Refits 2
Time Between Resupply 2


Length 450
Width 200
Height 80
Decks 19


Officers 35
Enlisted Crew 315
Civilians 10
Emergency Capacity 1200


Cruise Speed 8
Maximum Speed 9.975
Emergency Speed 9.985
Experimental The Ganymede is equipped with a Mark I Slipstream drive.

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Standard shield system, total capacity 900,000 TeraJoules
Weapon Systems 5 x Type VIII phaser arrays, total output 5,000 TeraWatts
3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tube
Armament 30 x Photon Torpedoes
30 x Quantum Torpedoes
2 x Transphasic Torpedo (requires special authorization)

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 2 x Type 11 Shuttlecraft
2 x Type 10 Shuttlecraft
5 x Worker Bees
Fighters 2 x Flights of Gryphon Class Fighters (3 fighters each)
Runabouts 1 x Delta Class