A New Spot

Posted on Sat Mar 7th, 2020 @ 11:55am by Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham

"So my transfer orders came through, I personally hope it works out differently from these last few years. I don't mind helping out in intelligence but I am much happier working in medical. Though I have to admit the few weeks where I was undercover as the ship's mascot, dubbed 'Mercury' was fun until the hairball incident." Mac laughs softly before continuing with her log. "Who knew that the smell of gagh could cause gag reflex while in feline form?" Mac pauses and the sound of rustling fabric is heard. "I should be done packing up my quarters in the next hour. So most of my books and knickknacks are going into storage. I have picked twelve books that I am bringing with me. It's the picking between my ballroom dresses that is harder, crimson, amythest and emerald maybe?" She sighs softly and then there's a long pause. " AaaChOOUu!" She sniffles slightly, "Well least Sari won't be complaining about my sneezing bugging her anymore." Mac pauses again, "I wonder if I'll get my own quarters on the Ganymede? I don't mind sharing office space but roommates don't always respect common rules. Like with Sari, I am constantly finding her things on my side of the room, if I was really a brat as she says I would have messed with her modeling collection. I admit that I have been tempted to but so far I haven't touched it." A long pause and then "AaaChOOUu!" Mac sniffles again, "I swear there's dust caught and hiding I here but the air cycling is supposed to be going perfectly fine. Ugh I will finish my log later."

Mac signs off with another "AaaChOOUu!"