Night and Day

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant JG James Campbell

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current

James had been having a great time since transferring to the Ganymede, and he made sure some of his staff were, too. He had known from his time on the Cochrane that the night shift was easy to overlook, so he temporarily changed his schedule to work with the night shift here.

First, he made sure they all knew who he was and that he was available to them if they needed anything. Then he showed them over the first few days that he would be working right alongside them, besides spending some time in his office to respond to message and get updates about the ship or the department. Finally, he had implemented some changes to policy, specifically for the night shift.

He had announced to them that since they were obviously the coolest shift, it was now required that they wear sunglasses during all times when not under a yellow or red alert. Twice a week, James and the night shift would also have a meal at the end of the shift together in the cafeteria. Some of the staff had asked for additional changes to the dress code, something similar to a "Casual Friday", but James knew where to draw the line.

He was grateful for the easy time they'd been having recently. He'd heard of other starships where there seemed to be constant drama, and never a moment's peace. He had gotten plenty of time to get to know this particular ship and many crew members, and bond with the night shift of his department.

He had originally only planned on staying with the night shift for a month or so before switching to the afternoon shift, but for now it just seemed natural to keep doing what he was doing.

This was the life, and there was nowhere he would rather be.

Lt. jg James Campbell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Ganymede