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Restrospective... Sometimes is all ya get.

Posted on Mon Aug 3rd, 2020 @ 3:00pm by Lieutenant Ben Sheppard


Schematics of the Ganymede's truly epic array of offensive and defensive weapons systems and firing array scrolled down the three-dimensional display. Overlayed now with numerous strike vectors, power ratios and links to the back-up targetting systems.

"Show aft weapons array and the Ganymede's 360 degree cover" Sheppard asked the ships AI as a full tactical display of the vessel and the full fields of fire overlapped the display jutting out from the vessel like a mandalla into the air.

"Record this ship... Sheppard Personal Log... tag the current date and time to the Log..." Ben paused for thought, rubbing his beard for a moment.

"Seems we're loaded for bear as my Pa used to say.. From what I hear this little old delivery to the Cardassian's ain't going to be no cake walk, neither. Theres a whole box of snakes out there and we'll have to keep on our toes... I'll run a weapons diagnostic and check with engineering about the power relays and if all the secondarys are up and running"

Sheppard laughed quietly as old old memories surfaced unbidden. Remembering the rolling deck of the USS Gerald Ford in the South China Sea as he clambered into the cockpit of a factory-fresh F35-C. Spray soaking the salt-heavy air as Deck Chief 'Gunny' MacAdams gave him a thumbs up from the depths of his waterproofs, a shit-eating grin plastered across his weathered features.

"What was it old Gunny MacAdams used to say... 'Retrospective and memories sometimes is all 'ya get... coz ya'll be dead sooner or later!'" Sheppard chuckled.

"Still here Gunny... still here".



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