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Mac Attack

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 12:03pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele

"Computer, begin Personal log."

The computer chimed to begin recording.

"I am beside myself. I have met an interesting and attractive young woman who is able to open a part of me that I never experienced before. She is not scared of me being fully open to all the thoughts around me and in fact, being near her has helped me control what I sense.

I think her being telepathic helps as her ability is not as strong but it is so specific that I am sure is what helps me sense her and helps me focus on just her thoughts when we are near.

I am new to the emotion of love, but I would say that upon kissing her, which was my first kiss of that nature, I felt all a flutter. I felt happy and scared at that same time and yet I still yearn to be with her. I am sure this is just me feeling this way as I have never had the nerve to do this sort of thing before.

We spent the day walking around Deep Space Nine when we first met and I thought then she was merely feeling sorry for me at first, but then I realized she was being genuine with her feelings and not just pretending.

The feelings she opened for me are long over due and I am going to do my best to let her down if she were to want to spend more time with me, which I do hope is what will happen.

The dinner we shared was alright but the company was far better than the meal. The kiss was a bold gesture for a guy like me, but I do hope that if nothing else evolves from it, that we can still be friends but I am game to give her all of my heart and soul.

I am sure this my jinx the situation but I do feel she completes me and that I will never be the same since this Mac Attack happened to my life. I am sure I am for the better now and I owe it to Dr. Mackenzie Graham. I just hope I am what the doctor orders."

"Computer end recording"

The computer chimed it had ended its recording and saved the personal log.


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