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Transfer Approved

Posted on Wed Mar 18th, 2020 @ 3:53am by Lieutenant Xavier Wolf
Edited on Wed Mar 18th, 2020 @ 10:48am

I am experiencing mixed feelings about leaving the Starfleet base here on Bajor. The posting has allowed me the time for inner reflection on who I want to be, and what I must do to get there. Reconnecting with Aja's family was an added bonus, an experience that I did not realize would have such a profound impact on my own path to healing, but also giving a connection between parents and their lost daughter through me. I will ever be grateful for their hospitality and affection.

Lieutenant Commander Skolvar was disappointed at my departure, but understood my intentions when I requested a transfer to the USS Ganymede nearly 6 months ago. The scars of the Dominion War run deep in this sector, even more so on Bajor, but as he put it, "One cannot know how to navigate the seas without first stepping in the water." That often frustrating Vulcan logic has rang true time and time again here, and it'll be missed on my journey ahead.

The maintenance crew is nearly done prepping "The Revenant" for travel to DS-9, with Chief Plezar overseeing the activities himself, from ensuring all the systems are in top shape, to ensuring the shark mouth nose art, the kills on my flight helmet, and "The Revenant" in bold Bajoran script alongside the canopy edge were either given new coats of paint or polished to bright sheen. I gotta hand it to the Ferengi for their attention to detail, no matter how mundane.

Well, my departure window is about to open up soon, so my next entry could very well be aboard the Ganymede, or possibly from DS9 if the delays in getting her ready creep up again. Either way, I don't see a return to Bajor anytime soon.


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