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A New Chapter Begins......

Posted on Tue Mar 10th, 2020 @ 9:44am by Lieutenant Donovan Steele

Donovan Steele, Personal Log Stardate 58462.4

En Route to Deep Space Nine, in the Bajor System.

My last assignment gave me leave ahead of my next assignment, so I headed for Betazed. However, I am about to depart for Deep Space Nine in anticipation of my new assignment. The USS Ganymede should be a nice change. I will be taking on the role of Chief of Operations. It is a way to help me serve the Federation and tend to the needs of the many. It is harder for me that most realize. Being fully aware of everyone's thoughts and emotions is rough but after 27 years of living with it, I have learned what to ignore want what not to. Serving in Starfleet has helped me with learning to block out thoughts that do not matter to my current situation.

I always feel at home on Betazed; however, I am always just a visitor since I have no family left to really call it home. Bajor will be a nice place to visit as I have been there once upon a time. There was a former crewmate who was Bajoran and maybe I can visit them since they departed Starfleet to take over her family's farm with her husband. The Bajorans are a people that typically speak their minds so I am never overwhelmed with random thoughts when there.

So ultimately I have been ordered to Deep Space Nine, pending the arrival of the USS Ganymede. It will be my first posting as the Chief of Operations on a star-ship. While I am certain the position will help me maintain control of my mind, I am looking forward to meeting new minds and serving the Federation. There is so much space to explore, and so many things to discover. Let's hope that peace will persist and allow for a successful mission ahead.

Computer, end Log.


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