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Defying Operational Gravity

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele

"Computer, start recording personal log." Steele requested.

The computer complied with a chime.

"Personal Log, Chief of Operations, USS Ganymede.

I am looking forward to our new adventures. Most of the crew have arrived on the ship and we are getting ready to depart for our first mission. I am excited to be on this ship and have even found a fellow crew mate whom maybe become closer than just a shipmate. She is wonderful and has allowed me to open myself up in ways I never felt like opening up before. I have always been classified as shy and withdrawn, but that was due to my overactive telepathic abilities. I had to withdraw from showing my emotions because I would act upon the emotions and other feelings of those around me. However, this new feeling of love in my life has helped me feel more control over being with others.

I feel I can now be in my new position as Chief of Operations and operate as needed with more devotion and focus. Before I would do a good job at my tasks but I was so much focused on just not acting up what I was picking up on around me mentally. Now experiencing this love, I am able to drive the overload of telepathic and emotional essences aside and be the person I am meant to be.

I will be a damn good Chief of Operations and I will make my captain and the rest of my crew proud of me and I will make Dr. Mackenzie Graham a fine partner. Like a comet pulled from orbit because it passed by the sun, I am changed for the better. I will try defying gravity and I will not accept limits. Too long I have been afraid of loosing love I have never known and you can not pull me down. I am limitless and with Mackenzie in my life, we will be the greatest team there has ever been. There is no fight I can not win with her in my life.

Now to report to the bridge to help get this mission off."

"Computer, stop recording and file in my personal database." Steele stated.

The computer complied by bleeping.

Steele then departed his quarters and headed to the bridge.


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