Look around at how lucky we are

Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2020 @ 6:36pm by Lieutenant Termas Tarnak

Computer, begin personal log Dr Termes Tarnak.

I've just received an urgent transfer order from Starfleet command. Much as I hate to abandon my work here on Bajor supporting reconstruction, there is a frontline explorer in need of a doctor. Mara and Milia are proud to send me off. To be completely honest, I'm dragging my webs a bit.

It feels like just yesterday we signed the armistice with the Dominion and were finally able to get back to normal lives. I've barely established a routine at this clinic and already they're calling me up for service. But what a service it is!

Exploration! On a first contact cruiser! It's the dream of every cadet. The dream we live for, that we raise our children on. A dream we can finally make real again now that the war is over.

So many times between battles Mara would call and have me talk Milia down from a nightmare. "Remember Milia, someday soon we're going to meet new people who will want to play, not fight." I would tell her, "Like the Bolians, Daddy?" she would say every time. *sigh*

At any rate, i hope the captain and engineer are willing to approve my requested changes. We've learned enough lessons from the war. Every ship needs a capable ambulance shuttle, and a trauma ward closer to flight deck and engineering.

I've got my liter of seawater from back home on Tiburon. Got my small animal carriers prepped, seedlings stowed, and fun-bac cultures in stasis. Bless Mara, her biology skills make me ten times the doctor I'd have been alone.

Nothing left to do but get on the shuttle, I suppose.

Nothing left but the greatest adventure in the final frontier. Discovery!

-End log-