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"First Impressions"

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 12:15am by Captain Dyllon McMahon & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krug

Mission: The Saga Begins
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: TBD


E'Lor was going over the report logs in her office and wrinkled her nose in frustration. Some of the base engineers screwed up on the magnetic constrictors. Then the power taps were the wrong type and the seals were defective so in a sense she was looking at three days of work with 4 shifts just to get her lady space worthy. In frustration she het her commbadge, "E'Lor to Captain McMahon, can I have a word with you in your ready room please," she said growling slightly.

Location: Deck 14, Main Deflector Control

Dyllon was lying on his back, underneath an open console. His hair was disheveled, he had multiple small bruises and grease stains on his skin, and his tunic laid in a heap on the other side of the room. He yelled from underneath, "Try again."

Deflector Technician 2nd class Benton Kier, a young Bajoran man, replied, "I'm trying again sir, but the dekyon emitter won't initialize."

Dyllon sighed, "If we don't get the dekyon emitter online, we won't be able to open a stable slipstream condui. And if we can't open a stable slipstream condui-"

It was then that his commbadge chirped, and he heard Commander Tabor's message. He tapped his comm to reply, "Actually, Chief, I'm closer to your office than the ready room. How about we meet there?"

"Fine captain I am in my office. We have problems and they need to be fixed", E'Lor said.

Dyllon pulled himself to his feet, grabbing his tunic and putting it on, leaving it open. He turned to Kier, "While I'm gone, purge the plasma relay, and run a level 1 diagnostic." He headed out the door, and began heading towards the chief engineer's office.

Location: Deck 14, Chief Engineer's Office

Dyllon walked through the door of the office, "So, what's the problem, chief?"

Looking up at the voice, E'Lor's face changed and it was priceless. Shock, amusing, puzzled, and finally bust out laughing! "Oh my Kahless, you're a sight Dyllon! What in the name of Kahless have you been doing? Playing in the warp core or worse?", she said laughing.

Dyllon arched his eyebrow at the familiarity the chief already showed with him. However, he was a Xenexian, and so long as his people knew who was in charge when it mattered, he let formalities slide. "I was cleaning up the mess the fleet yards left for us in deflector control. Could you believe the idiots bolted the matter flow relay on backwards? Nearly blew out the entire grid when we tried to run a diagnostic."

Still chuckling, "Well it gets better here.....I've got flow regulators too small to handle the current output and magnetic constrictors that are defective. They have micro fractures and that's not all.......the warp coils are too damn big. All 18 of them!", she said. "Captain, I know this is a refit but this," she held out the PADD, "This is sheer stupidity. Dyllon, I hate Starbase engineers worse that Romulan dogs. They just don't know how different it is out here. We live by the seat of our pants out there and if we get caught with them pants down.....", she said getting serious now.

Dyllon sighed, "Chief, you knew this was going to be a mess when they decided we were going to be prototyping the slipstream drive. Every ship that comes out of Utopia Planitia looking like it was put together by a gaggle of monkeys. It's a rite of passage for new ships. Now, we've got less than a week to get her out of space dock or Bennington is going to have all our asses. He'll probably make me retire, personally. So, we're going to get her up and running, even if we have to get out and push. Request anything you need from the dock quartermaster. If they bitch, feel free to name drop Admiral Bennington's name. We'll be in Federation space for a bit before we hit open water, so priority are the warp engines, and the slip stream system. So long as we can hit maximum warp and open a slipstream conduit, we've got a little more breathing room to figure the rest out."

"Ok cap......first the engines and slip......then the rest of the mess later!", E'Lor said she said shaking her head.

Dyllon began to walk out, speaking as he left, "And don't forget the basics, like life support. Warp engines don't do us any good if we die"


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