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I'm Gonna Need a Right Hand Man

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 2:32am by Captain Dyllon McMahon & Commander K'Rah'san
Edited on on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 2:34am

Mission: The Saga Begins
Location: USS Ganymede
Timeline: Prime

Location: Ready Room, USS Ganymede

Dyllon sat at his desk, bleary-eyed, looking over personnel files. He had been pulling 14 hour days since arriving on the Ganymede, attempting to fill out the last of the more senior positions. As well, the shipyard engineers had already disembarked, leaving the ship barely space-worthy, as was their tradition. He began to doze off a bit, staring into space when his commbadge chirped.

"Bosun to the Captain. Commander K'Rah'San's shuttle is coming in for a landing."

"McMahon here. Go ahead and send him up to the ready room as soon as he lands, Chief", Dyllon said, groggily.

"Aye, Captain. Bosun out."

Dyllon looked over to ALYX, who was waiting intently for her next orders. "ALYX, bring up K'Rah'San's personnel record, and grab me a coffee."

Location: Hangar Bay, USS Ganymede

K’Rah’san held on as the shuttle went through the fields and touched down on the deck. He could see the crews marshaling it into position due to the tight parking spot. The sounds of the engines winding down filled the room, signaling that his travel has ended.

K’Rah’san unbuckled his belt and stood, almost knocking his head against the top of the shuttle before making his way towards the door. He grabbed his duffel bag then pushed the door open button before waiting for it to open and a ramp to appear. The light of the hangar almost blinded him since he was used to the dark interior of the shuttle. The Caitian began to walk down the ramp, taking in details of the hangar bay before hearing a chirp from his badge. K’Rah’san quickly slapped it, wondering who could possible be contacting him.

“K’Rah’san here, go ahead”

The unfamiliar voice filled his ears as he heard his first orders onboard the ship.

“Understood, on my way”

Location: Ready Room, USS Ganymede

Dyllon took a sip of his coffee, burning his lips in the process. He pulled a flask from the top drawer of his desk, openMy guyed the top, and poured a little in to cool it down, or so he told himself. He swished the mug around a bit to mix, and took a long sip. It was then that he heard a chime at his door.

"Come in," he bellowed, stowing the flask back in its drawer.

K’Rah’san stepped through once the door opened to give him access. He scanned the room then turned his attention to Dyllon as he approached the desk. A loud thud filled the room once he dropped his bag to his side. K’Rah’san quickly snapped to attention, slapping his palms to the side of his pants.

“K’Rah’san reporting as requested, sir.”

Dyllon smiled at the display, "Wow, you really did the whole thing, huh? At ease, take a seat."

K’Rah’san did his best to keep from smiling before finally relaxing up. The caitian quickly moved his arms behind him to snap to at ease before relaxing his arms to his side. K’Rah’san moved to the chair then sat down.

“I have to make a good first impression after all. “

A quick smile flashed across his face, at least one would think it was some form of smile.

“It has been a while. I don’t recall seeing that many lines on you”

Dyllon smiled, and then motioned to ALYX. "Care for anything to drink?"

K’Rah’san leaned back against the chair, testing the cushion as well as seeing how far he can lean back.

“Coffee if you have something good. It is probably too late for it, but why not?”

Dyllon motioned for ALYX to follow his request, and turned back to Oka. "So, you've already been briefed on what you can expect as chief of security?"

K’Rah’san gave a nod then reached up to stroke his bearded chin. It was obvious that he had left it to grow out a bit since he has been at the academy.

“The usual protect the ship, enforce the law and toss out a few drunks?”

Dyllon stood up and walked over to the console on the wall, tapping on it to display a galaxy map and the route the Ganymede was taking. "It's a bit more complex than that. We're headed out through Cardassian space, and deep into the far half of the Alpha Quadrant. Ambitious projections bring us into the Gamma Quadrant. We're going to be heading into unknown territories, and with this experimental drive, we're going to be far way from help."

He walked over to K'Rah'san. "The war lost us a lot of good officers. They've given me children, fresh out of training. I need someone to help them grow up fast, and be up to the task. I need them, in not so many words, to be stone cold killers. They need to understand that if they hop into an escape pod at the first sign of a boarding party, they're going to die in a bucket in the middle of nowhere."

K’Rah’san turned his attention to the screen and began to take mental notes. “Ah venturing forth into the unknown. I’m sure you picked the right crew just for this task too.”

K’Rah’san looked down onto the desk when a few memories flashed through his mind. “Right, we have to get these guys ready for action and make them efficient at it. No backup and a ship full of children will make this tough, but not impossible. Can I assume that you got some useful goodies for offense and defense?”

"The Ganymede isn't a warship. She's an exploration cruiser. But, she's got teeth. Our main advantage is speed. So long as the slipstream drive bears out, we're one of the fastest ships in the galaxy, only rivaled by the Borg. Luckily, we'll be on the opposite side of the galaxy from them. As far as security equipment, we have the best Starfleet has to offer, and a dedicated armory. We've got less than a week before we leave spacedock, so you have that long to make any requisitions. We will be stopping at Deep Space Nine along the way, so we may be able to pick up some last minute supplies there." Dyllon went back behind his desk, and took a seat.

“I will have a list put together before the end of the week so we can be prepared. I will have to inspect my workspace and see what I will have to deal with, but I can assure you that we will be ready.” K’rah’san turned his attention to the desk then back over to Dyllon. “So, are you ready for this? No backup in an unknown location. Each day may be a fight of its own since no one will know if we disappear out there.”

Dyllon stared off in space for a moment, and leaned back, "It's not my first rodeo. I've commanded a ship on its own, behind enemy lines." He brought his gaze back to match K'Rah'san's, "But, if experience has told us anything, we are likely to find way more potential friends out there than enemies."

K’Rah’san gave a nod in agreement then rests his hands on the desk, feeling the cool material. “Friends are always better than enemies. I can only hope we gain plenty of friends compared to enemies. Last thing I want to deal with is a lecture from the doc in sickbay on dangers. Well, security will be ready to handle any threats that we come across so that way you guys can worry about exploration. I already have a few training scenarios in mind for ship defense, escort and general security issues”

Dyllon nodded. "Sounds good. On another matter, however, I'm looking for a first officer. Can you recommend anyone? Specifically, someone who can be here ASAP?"

K’Rah’san pushed off from the chair and stood before adjusting his uniform. “First officer you say? The fastest would be someone already onboard, but I can check on some of my old contacts and see who would be available. I’ve been dealing with plenty of green officers and I believe you will need someone with some experience for this mission.”

Dyllon stood up as well, and smiled. "I think you're right. But, I've always kind of seen the first officer as a redundant position. Something a good officer could do in addition to their normal duties. I did bring it up to Chief Shraa, but he said something about working for a living. Why don't you toss on a red undershirt, and see how it feels on you?"

K’Rah’san almost broke out laughing at the response before reaching down to grab his bag. “Well he is right about that. More to do than just sit around looking pretty. Hey, we haven’t worn red shirts in…” He cut himself off and looked up. “You don’t mean having me double in security and command, right?”

Dyllon chuckles, "Don't make me reconsider. Besides, I figured they were paying you too much, anyway."

K’Rah’san looked down to his uniform then back over to Dyllon. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Well you have yourself a first officer. I will get this bag into my quarters and go see the tailor about a new uniform. Need to make it fit perfectly after all” K’rah’san flashed a grin once more then straightened up.

Dyllon extended his hand, "Welcome aboard, Number One. Don't make me regret this."

K”Rah’san reached out to grip the extended hand and give it a firm shake. “I believe it’s too late now. Better get used to having me around. It’s a pleasure to be aboard and I look forward to serving and protecting this ship and crew. You have gained a valuable asset”

"Time will tell. Dismissed."

K’Rah’san quickly snapped to attention. “Aye, sir” He brought his right leg behind him and made a quick about face before making his way towards the door with his bag.


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