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Mac-Mc, How do you do?

Posted on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 10:06pm by Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham & Captain Dyllon McMahon
Edited on on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 10:11pm

Mission: The Saga Begins
Location: various
Timeline: Current

-Guest quarters DS9-

Mac was walking around the guest quarters she had been assigned on DS9 as she debated what she could unpack, while she waited for the Ganymede to arrive. She was wearing a long sleeve black shirt with crimson and teal dragonflies on it, she paired it with light gray slacks. Her hair pulled up in an artful french twist braid with ribbons of teal, crimson and black, that trailed down her back, to curl at the end.

She had run into two others that were also apparently waiting for the Ganymede to arrive for their assignment. It was always an adventure meeting new crew members and getting to know them. Mac was wondering what the Commanding officer was going to be like as she looked at her carry-all and reached forward to pull out something....

A voice came over the comms suddenly.

"Station Ops to Doctor Graham"

Mac jumped slightly and laughed softly before she replied, by tapping her combadge, =/\= Can you patch it through to my guest quarters please? =/\=

The voice replied, "The connection is requesting holo-comms. Do you accept?"

Mac blinked surprised but replied easily, =/\= Of course, I accept thank you! =/\=

"Acknowledged, patching you through"

The air in front of Mackenzie shimmered until a form appeared. Standing before her was a middle aged man of average height, with dark hair and purple irises, a large scar marking his right eye. He was dressed in a standard duty uniform, red with captain's pips.

"Doctor Graham, I presume?" the man said, expectantly.

Mac smiled cheekily as she adjusted her angle of gaze to meet his even if he wasn't actually there in the room, "Yes I am Doctor Mackenzie Graham, how can I help you Captain?" She was very curious what she looked like on his side of this Holo comms which admittedly was a different experience in itself.

"I apologize for dropping in on you, but time is of the essence. I'm Captain McMahon of the Ganymede. I've received your application for chief medical officer," he stepped forward and extended his hand.

Mac shook his offered hand, "No problem at all, what can I do to help Captain McMahon? Is there a problem with my transfer to the Ganymede?" She had a moment of sorrow at the thought that maybe someone else was getting the assignment instead of herself. Whatever came next she would deal as was her way always adapt and move forward even if it ended up having to look for a new position elsewhere if that was what the Captain wanted.

Dyllon shook her hand, and stepped back to his original spot."None at all. I will admit, medical isn't my field of expertise, so my decision on chief medical officer comes purely from your record. There were two other strong contenders, but one is currently assigned on the Romulan Neutral Zone, and the other just accepted a posting to the Triton. We're stopping at DS9 on our way out of Federation Space, and I don't have time to wait for an officer to travel from the Romulan border. I'm a pragmatist, if anything. So, of course the job is yours. I just like to meet my department chiefs before signing the paperwork."

Mac nodded her head, "I understand, and I consider myself lucky that my shuttle dropped me off on your intended course, though I wouldn't mind taking a new one to meet up sooner if you need me on the ship before you get to DS9?" She replied lightly, but inside she was jumping for joy over the fact that she was indeed getting this assignment. ** ~~Yes thank you good Fortune! ~~ ** she thought in delight to herself.

"I'll leave that up to you. Command wants us out of drydock in two weeks. Immediately following, we'll be doing a test run of the slipstream drive, which, if successful, will get us to DS9 within the day. If not, we'll likely be pulling right back into drydock. I'm sure the EMH can handle things while we're on our way to DS9," Dyllon replied.

Mac nodded as far as she knew it took two weeks to get to Uptopia from DS9 and if she timed it poorly she might miss them as they leave. "I will err on the side of caution and stay here, to meet up when you arrive, versus risking missing you completely by timing that can be mistaken; if that's okay with you Captain McMahon?" She said lightly as she regarded him.

Dyllon smiled, "That sounds good to me, doctor. One more thing before we wrap up. There's a lot of redacted info your personnel file. Should I be worried about that?"

Mac raised her ginger hued brows slightly, "Do you mean the few times I was assigned to assist in Intelligence as an Infiltration specialist or is this about another issue?" She wasn't certain of what information he had been given but as far as she had been informed by previous Commanding officers they had access to her complete record and where made aware of her ability to turn from person to feline even if they weren't given the exact details on how she accomplished it. Though maybe they had changed the process and she needed to explain it to him herself. If that was the case. She would save it for an actual face to face instead of Holo comms.

Dyllon raised an eyebrow, "Okay... that's more than I thought there was to it. I figured you were just a consultant on some classified projects. It's likely my clearances haven't been updated. I've only been a Captain for less than 48 hours."

Dyllon raised an eyebrow, "Okay... that's more than I thought there was to it. I figured you were just a consultant on some classified projects. It's likely my clearances haven't been updated. I've only been a Captain for less than 48 hours."

Mac shrugged softly, "It was mostly unofficial but there were a few that I was more active than I would have liked but as long as we all came back I wasn't complaining too loudly, as for the clearances I am sure you'll get the rest and if not I will be happy to clear up what I can." She paused adding in with a cheekily playful smile, "Congratulations on your promotion to Captain."

"Thank you. Well, if you'll excuse me, doctor, I've got a few more of these to conduct. I look forward to meeting you in person."

Mac nodded and gave a small curtsey, "I wish you Fair winds and good traveling until we meet again Captain McMahon."

"McMahon out." Dyllon double tapped his commbadge, and shimmered out of existence.



Dyllon McMahon
USS Ganymede


Mackenzie Mac Graham
USS Ganymede


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