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"Borg Alcove?"

Posted on Mon Dec 21st, 2020 @ 3:28pm by Lieutenant Jel Aozar & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krug

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Before mission start


E'Lor was sitting quietly in her office enjoying a quiet cup of Earl Grey tea, listening to some soothing music. Her day had been aggravating and needed the peace and quiet. Usually when she was enjoying her quiet time, some thing or some one would interrupt it, so......she was actually waiting for the enviable would happen.....sure enough it was about to do just that!

Lieuteant Jel Aozar was the ship's new Chief of Security she had just boarded today. She dropped her bags down in her assigned quarters. "Location of the Chief Engineering Officer." She asked the Computer. "Lieutenant Commander Tabor is in her office." Replied the Computer. Jel set off heading towards that direction into the turblift she had to bend a bit being 7 ft tall and rode it all the way to the CEO Office. Once she stood outside he rang the chime.

"Enter!" she said still looking at her PAAD. "Have a seat, be right with you in a minute......." she finished.

Jel walked in she didn't sit down she stood behind the chair, fingers interlocked behind her back awaiting her attention.

"How can I.........'Kahless '!" she exclaimed quickly. Standing in front of her was a Borg with Trill spots. Not quite knowing how to handle this, "OK I am not sure how to address you.....Lieutenant......?" she asked.

"Lieutenant, 4 of 13 or Aozar any more personal questions?" The Asian joined trill borg lady said starting to get frustrated.

Sensing her emotions, "Ah yes ok, Lt. Aozar, ok, so how may I help you today, " was all E'Lor could say for the moment.

"I require assisting constructing a Borg Alcove I have the necessary parts I require held building and hooking up to the mainframe," Jel said still stand behind the chair.

"Ok and where do you want to set this up?" E'Lor asked the lieutenant.

"Obviously my Quarters," Jel said. "Shall we begin heading there?"

"Yes let's go there and see how we can accomplish it", E'Lor said getting up and following Jel.

Deck 2 - Quarters

Entering her quarters there were parts mostly over the floor an upright mattress that was up against the window that had metal surrounding it "The mattress is the key ingredient." She said. "Grab the Magnetic Deflector Circuit combine it with the Universal Bioneural Flux Capacitor then use that to cause an overflow in the Quantum Transference Capacitor. Then I shall give your next task... All those parts are somewhere within this room and some parts are not Starfleet."

E'Lor was slightly shocked by all the parts but she did exactly what Jen told her. Combining the flux capacitor with the deflector, shecxaused the thing to work in the transference capacitor. "Jen some of these parts, are they borg?" she added.

"Correct." She answered knelt down on the floor holding a tool and a part in another hand. "Any more questions? Like, am I joint a trill? What was my borg name?" She added.

"Oh no, I don't mean to pry. I was just asking if these were borg parts. I know you are a Trill, and I know that you do have a Borg designation. I am just curious as to how you wound up getting assimilated.," she said, fitting the pieces in place ,"

"I was assimilated during the battle of Sector 001. And you can ask personal questions" She said. "Combin the Active Phase Circuit with the Reserve Control Generator. These parts are unknown to you I recommend using your Tricorder. It will say theirs a cow within the room that is the Phase Circuit. The Generator will say their's another lifeform reading... That is not true your scanning devices are very primitive. After that I can attach them to the shell and then we can hook it to the mainframe."

E'Lor pulled her tricorder and sure enough it did exactly what she said it would. So she did what Jen said to do. "Ok Jen, I've done that, now what?" she said.

Taking the part from E'Lor's hand she stood up and injected it into the shell of the alcove and attaching wires to it. "Hook it." Jel said.

E'Lor did just that and hooked it. Oh wow!" she said. "Now how does that work?" she added.

"You enter and close your eyes. But for you to enter is impossible as your not Borg. It's upgraded every data that I can access when I use it the data gets download into my brain." Jel said with her hands crossed."The Aozar's 3rd host was a Klingon Captain I speak Klingon."

"Kahless be praised! I had no idea! Surprises come in strange packages. I hope we can get together another day when we're off duty. I would enjoy your company," E'Lor said.

"That can be arranged. Though his life within Starfleet I cannot speak of as it is classified." Jel said turning around to facing E'Lor placing her hands behind her back.

"Well this has most certainly been an instrumental learning opportunity for me. Thankyou, Jel" E'Lor said.

Jel didn't reply she just nodded her head and watched as E'Lor left.

Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krug
Second Officer & Chief Engineering Officer
USS Curymede

Lieutenant Jel Aozar
Chief Security Officer
USS Curymede


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