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Let the hunt begin.

Posted on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 5:52pm by Lieutenant Jel Aozar

Mission: State of the Union

Jel Aozar was now the acting chief security officer after the death of Commander K'Rah'san though she served little alongside him SHe was hunting only too people a human male and other human but a female that was the only thing the computer reported. Jel was marching through the corridors with a handheld phaser pistol marching through corridors with security officers behind her. "Continue tracking via the computer." She ordered.

A junior security officer spoke soon after he looked Human short brown hair with a strong Russian accent. "Commander they're straight ahead of us and coming to us." He said looking down.

"You there." She ordered. "You go there." She was positioned at a crossroad the only to escape was back and climb turboshafts. As Jel had all lifts on lockdown. Jel had her back up against the wall while the Russian guy knelt down at her feet holding his rifle.

"Standby," Jel said as she felt she headed something. Being a liberated borg had its uses from outwitting people to seeing. Then a human female with short female hair holding a Cardissan phaser it seemed wishing to a human male beside her with short dark purple hair.

"Fire!" Jel ordered. Herself and the security officers surgically removed their weapon's phaser banks into them. "Urgh!" Shouted the female as she felt down dropping her phaser but the Male ran backwards.

"Purist," Jel commanded stepping out from cover kneeling down to the female Jel check for a pule while the officer's she was with ran past her. Tapping her combadge she said. "Two to transport to sickbay," Jel said.

Lieutenant Jel Aozar
Chief Secuiry Officer
USS Currymede


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