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The Chase

Posted on Fri Dec 4th, 2020 @ 10:48pm by Captain Dyllon McMahon & Lieutenant Commander Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Tabor Daughter House Krug & Lieutenant Jel Aozar

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Edge of the Badlands
Timeline: Prime

Location: Bridge, USS Ganymede

After watching the Doctor head to the turbolift, Dyllon turned to the viewscreen ahead of him.

"Red Alert!" Dyllon bellowed, and the ship's lights turned to red on cue. He then tapped his commbadge, "=/\=Aozar, this is the captain. Do what you need to do to resolve the issue in Cargo Bay 2, but I need at least one of them alive. I want answers=/\="

"=/\= Already at location sir investigation underway.=/\=" Jel said.

Dyllon cut the comm, and looked to the helm. "Helm, plot us a course out of the Badlands, best speed."

The Bolian ensign sitting at the CONN nodded, "aye, aye, captain. Heading 310 mark 117, full impulse."

He then turned around to face the tactical station, "Tactical, those intruders didn't just appear out of thin air. Clearly, there's a ship nearby that can see us, and we can't see them. Starfleet spent good credits installing the most advanced sensor palette in the fleet, there's no reason some two-bit terrorists should be able to outsmart us. Find them, and get me some firing solutions."

The Bajoran ensign looked up, "Yes, sir. I may be able to triangulate something, but I'll need access to the auxiliary palette."

Dyllon looked over at the Ops officer on duty, "Get it done."

Dyllon took a seat, and tapped his commbadge once again. "=/\=Bridge to Engineering. E'Lor, we may have need of an option for strategic retreat. I know this is a tall order, but I need you to explore any options we have for establishing a warp field while still within the Badlands, or even opening a Slipstream conduit. =/\="

E'Lor choked at the Captain's statement. Warp fields in here, not a chance. Slipstream, doubtful but. =/\= "I'll see what I can do. No promisses, E'Lor out" =/\= she said and looked at her people. "How in the name of Kahless do we create a warp field in here or a Slipstream conduit here? I Need answers people" she said.

The turbolift doors opened and Kevin ran out onto the bridge. He'd been on his way there anyway because he was needing to check on some sensor readings for his report, but when the Red Alert sounded he'd literally 'burst a gut' to get there as quickly as he could.

Making his way over to the Captain he asked "What's happened Captain, can you use another pair of hands?"

Dyllon looked over at Kevin, "Ahh, commander, good timing. Your service history suggests you're a crack shot. Take tactical station. Intruders have boarded the ship, and attacked Commander K'Rah'san. We have reason to believe there's a ship out there hiding in the subspace distortions, likely Maquis. I need you to help find that ship, and get me a firing solution."

[[Game Master Direction: In pursuit, just outside of short range sensor range, is a modified Centaur class ship, the Eddington, and two Maquis raiders. Commander K'Rah'san is currently in sickbay, going into cardiac arrest]]


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