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Urgent transfer

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 4:48pm by Captain Dyllon McMahon & Lieutenant Termas Tarnak
Edited on on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 5:01pm

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Ganymede
Timeline: Prime

Termas Tarnak was mildly frustrated. For a busy surgeon, that's a fairly good day. He had just received an emergency transfer to USS Ganymede. While he dislikes being called away from the federation aid clinic on Bajor, like any Starfleet officer he is eager to answer the call to exploration.

Having just stepped off the transfer shuttle and been welcomed aboard by a sternly professional NCO, he hasn't even had time to read up on who he'll be serving with. At the last moment he checks his padd to verify the Captain's name pronunciation. Doctor Tarnak straightens his spine, smooths his tunic, and raises a webbed finger to tap the doorbell to the ships ready room.

As Termas is about to hit the door chime, the door slides open and Dyllon steps out, and is immediately taken aback to see someone standing directly in the doorway.

"Can I help you... " Dyllon glances down at the man's pips, ".. Lieutenant?"

"Yes, Captain M'k'm'hn. Doctor Termas Tarnak reporting for duty." He delivers the Xenexian pronounciation accurately, but with the obvious foreign accent of someone who's never tried the language out before this moment.

Dyllon noted the doctor's attempt at pronouncing his name properly, "Welcome aboard, Doctor. You can just use the Humanized version, otherwise no one else will know who you're talking about. Humans lack the appropriate vocal chords to speak Xenexian."

Dyllon started walking to his chair, where Ensign Statler had just stood up from. "I'm sure you'll find everything ready for you in sickbay, Doctor. Our last chief medical officer - "

Suddenly Commander K'Rah'san's voice came over the comms, "Intruder... alert...", and the klaxons started sounding.

Dyllon tapped his commbadge, "=/\=Commander, what's your situation?=/\="

After a moment, Dyllon looks to Ensign Statler, who is now standing at her station, typing furiously, "Captain, there's been weapons fire in Cargo Bay 2, and the Commander's commbadge is reporting no vitals..."

Dyllon tapped his commbadge, "=/\=McMahon to Aozar, Lieutenant I need security teams to Cargo Bay 2!=/\="

He then turned to Ensign Statler, "Beam K'Rah'san to sickbay." Dyllon then turned to Tarnak, "You better get down there doctor."

No stranger to emergencies, Tarnak was in motion instantly. Slapping his combadge as he crossed the rear of the bridge towards the turbolift, he thought to himself that this is a hell of a way to greet a new staff.

"Sickbay this is Dr Tarnak," he entered the lift and held down the button for priority traffic to Sickbay, "your new Chief of Medicine. Emergency patient beaming in. Proceed at your discretion. I'm on my way."


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