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Highway Robbery

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 @ 6:00pm by Captain Dyllon McMahon

Mission: State of the Union
Location: USS Ganymede
Timeline: Prime

Location: Ready Room, USS Ganymede

Dyllon sat in his ready room, sipping a mug of coffee and going over the personnel transfers from DS9. It was then that he noticed the stars out his window slowed as the ship dropped from warp. His view was replaced by swirling orange plasma storms. He tapped his commbadge, "McMahon to bridge, report."

"=/\=We're crossing through the edge of the Badlands, sir. It seems they've shifted slightly since this area was last mapped. We've lost long range sensors, and the failsafes dropped us out of warp.=/\=", Ensign Statler replied from ops.

Dyllon frowned, "Acknowledged. Plot the shortest course out of the area, and keep an eye on short range sensors, this doesn't feel right. I'll be out there in a moment."

Dyllon downed the rest of his coffee, and stood up, straightening his tunic.

Location: Deck 8, Cargo Bay 2

Transporters whined in the Cargo bay as two figures appeared. One, an older human, Piers Ducote, and another, a younger Andorian woman, Zhiria, appeared dressed in civilian clothing and wielding Cardassian disruptor rifles.

Zhiria looked around, and turned to Piers. "Do you think they detected that?"

Piers shook his head, "Starfleet internal sensors are set to sound the alarm once a beam in is detected. The plasma storms must be interfering with their internal sensors, as well."

"Well, hopefully we'll be well on our way before they detect our beam out" Zhiria said, pulling a pattern enhancer from her backback.

Piers was following suit, "I doubt it. This is going to be one big transporter signature."

It was at that moment that the door slid open, and Commander K'Rah'san walked through, holding a tricorder. He looked up, and immediately noticed the two. He went to reach for his phaser, "What are you doing in here?!"

Before he could place his hand on his phaser, Zhiria fired her disruptor. The beam cut across the cargo bay, catching K'Rah'san directly in the chest. He flew backwards, and his tunic ignited. He fell on the floor, and as he sat cradling his chest, he mustered the strength to tap his commbadge, "Intruder... alert...". He then slumped over.

Piers looked over at Zhiria, surprised. "You.. You were supposed to have it on stun!"

Zhiria looked panicked, "I thought I did! I can't read Cardassian!"

Alarms blared as the ship was now alerted to their presence. "They'll have raised shields by now, so no way out. Get ready to fight!" Piers yelled, as he jumped behind a cargo container.


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